Artistic Director

Kirsten Ulrich, Artistic Director, hails from Dayton, Ohio. After serving as interim Artistic Director in 2022, this is Kirsten’s first year as the Artistic Director for Dayton Dance Conservatory Company. Kirsten has been faculty for Dayton Dance Conservatory (DDC) for over ten years and has been involved with DDCC since its inception. In addition to teaching at DDC, Kirsten is adjunct faculty at Wright State University and Stivers Performing Arts High School. She has also taught for a multitude of studios in the Dayton and Cincinnati area as well as for the University of Dayton. She has held master classes at the American College Dance Association.

Alongside her teaching career, Kirsten has staged works for Dayton Contemporary Dance Company II, Dayton Dance Conservatory Company and Gem City Ballet to name a few. Her works have been showcased at International Association of Blacks in Dance, Ohio Dance Festival, Regional Dance America Northeast Region Festival and Delaware Dance Festival.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from Point Park University in 2006, Kirsten went on to dance for Mutual Dance Theater, formerly known as Mamluft and Company and for Dayton Contemporary Dance Company II.

Kirsten lives at home with her husband and two dogs and has truly enjoyed many years she has spent with Dayton Dance Conservatory and Dayton Dance Conservatory Company.